My pathetic life

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That was a really old post by me like 8 months ago and I was right c: I hate it to know what will happen o:
Ummm happy new year all my followers mines isn’t that happy more like miserable:D
And sorry for being offline it helped me to feel better to be away from all these depressing posts o:

deathgrowlingdinosaur asked: How are you doin? Well I should hope?

umm no sorry:D

but i would say it’s okay o:
not that bad not that good o:

and how about you as dinosaur?:D

Anonymous asked: I see, what happened? I'm fine, thank you :)

nice to hear that you’re fine c:

umm hmm just a thing i’m worrying about o:
it’s like a fight against the time if i’m too slow i’ll lose ummm ya but don’t worry maybe i’m just too afraid o: but at the moment i’m not that afraid anymore o:

(ya i know you don’t really know what i mean sorry:D) 

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Anonymous asked: Hello, how are you?

hey o:
could be better… and you? o: 

"Those who are hardest to love need it the most."


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